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From large diameter HDPE conduit to micro duct, plus accessories like pull tape, trust National Conduit Supply to get you what you need, where and when you need it. Whether that’s in all of the major cities across the country, or an off-the-map, rural backroad, rest assured we can and will get it there.

As the ONLY, truly national HDPE Supplier, we are your single solution if you manage your work at the national level.

All of our pipe is made in the USA, which provides you several obvious and not-so-obvious benefits:

  • Better product quality and consistency
  • Lower transit and shipping costs
  • Faster response time to project changes
  • Significantly lessened delivery lead time
  • Increased intellectual property security
  • Assurance that regulatory/compliance requirements are met
HDPE Conduit | National HDPE Conduit Supplier | American HDPE Conduit Supplier

HDPE Conduit

National Conduit Supply provides standard High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduits for standard underground installation. National Conduit Supply HDPE is durable and strong, yet flexible, providing ultimate protection against the elements. See our HDPE product specs sheet here.

CATV Conduit | Cable TV Conduit | National CATV Conduit Supplier

Specialty Conduit

In additional the standard HDPE conduit, National Conduit Supply also provides specialty conduit, including microduct, designed for special applications. Our specialty conduit is built to survive the elements and offers superior protection against heat and cold extremes.

Innerduct | Innerduct Supplier | National Innerduct Supplier


National Conduit Supply provides standard and custom sizes of innerduct, designed for use inside of existing larger conduit or as stand-alone, corrugated conduit for tight spaces, particularly useful in telecommunications and fiber optic applications.

Innerduct | Innerduct Supplier | National Innerduct Supplier


National Conduit Supply’s microduct line protects the vital connections moving our world’s toward more powerful data transferred through smaller spaces.

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PVC Pipe

National Conduit Supply provides durable PVC pipe and accessories with reliable, flexible delivery to any point in the nation. NOTE: Due to resin shortages, availability may fluctuate. Please contact us here to inquire!

Parts & Accessories

National Conduit Supply is also proud to supply any and all of the accessories needed for installation and implementation. Below is a list of the most common accessories requested of us, but if you need something you don’t see— just ask us, we’ll get it to you!

  • Marker balls
  • Locators
  • Pulling eyes
  • Mule tape (pull tape)
  • Sealant
  • Duct plugs
  • Couplings for various size conduit
  • Puller
  • Cutter/slitter
  • Connectors
  • & More— Ask us!

NCS has the ability to store product for us and this has kept our crews supplied with conduit and working without delays.

— Kirk M.

Who We Serve

National Conduit Supply Products | National Conduit Supplier | National 5G Supplier

5G Connectivity

National Conduit Supply is the ONLY conduit supplier that offers national, fully flexible delivery and logistics to provide the conduit that protects the vital connections of our modern world.


National Conduit Supply provides the protective telecommunications pathways for the high-tech fiber optic cabling that ensures we all remain connected. 


National Conduit Supply provides HDPE conduit for state Departments of Transportation and utilities, protecting vital connections involved with trenching, boring, and plowing.

CATV Conduit | Cable TV Conduit | National CATV Conduit Supplier

CATV (Cable TV)

National Conduit Supply is a national supplier of highly durable, flexible HDPE conduit, which meets the protective needs of running undergound Cable TV (CATV) coaxial cables.

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