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National Conduit Supply is truly a one-stop shop for all your conduit, pipe, and specialty needs. We proudly offer a catalog of thousands of different ancillary products and accessories, items like couplers, sealants, marking products and pull tape, handholes, tracer wire, ground rods, industry tools, cutters, slitter, connectors, and just about anything else you could possible need. If we don’t have it, odds are it hasn’t been invented yet.

Below are the most common ancillary products and accessories categories that are requested of us. If you need something you don’t see here, assume we have it (because we do), ask us and we’ll get it to you!

All of our pipe and most of our ancillary products and accessories are made in the USA. NCS constantly strives to ensure:

  • Better product quality and consistency
  • Lower transit and shipping costs
  • Faster response time to project changes
  • Significantly lessened delivery lead time
  • Increased intellectual property security
  • Assurance that regulatory/compliance requirements are met
Couplers | HDPE Coupler | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit


Lock, Push-fit, UL listed, and more, National Conduit Supply supplies the right couplers for your HDPE, PVC, and rigid conduit projects. All NCS couplers are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, just let us know.

Sealants | HDPE Sealant Kits | Sealant Tools | Pulling Lubricants | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit

Sealants & Lubricants

National Conduit Supply offers a full line of lubricants, like mini duct, conduit adhesive, closed-cell foam, and other sealant kits, as well as cable pulling lubricants, cable looseners, cable blowing lubricants, and more.

Marking Products | HDPE Marking Tools | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit

Marking Products

National Conduit Supply thousands of different marking products like flagging tape, barricade tape, underground detectable tape, and more— all in a hundreds of different combinations of size, color, pattern, and roll.

Tracer Wire | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit

Tracer Wire

National Conduit Supply supplies just about any size, length, and type of copper tracer wire needed for your industry. Let us know what you need or your project application, and we’ll help you secure the perfect tracer wire for the job.

Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit

Pull Tape

National Conduit Supply provides every size of pull tape, mule tape, and pull rope, including detectable and woven polyester, extra high-strength, composite double braid rope, and 3-in-1 pull tape (thread, measure, pull)

Hand Holes | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit


National Conduit Supply offers special polymer-concrete hand holes, made with proprietary resin and aggregate, resulting in extremely strong hand holes that are lighter, yet more resistant to chemicals and weather extremes.

Ground Rods | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit

Ground Rods

National Conduit Supply provides a full range of differently sized, UL-listed ground rods, including copper, hot-dipped galvanized, bronze water pipe, cast bronze, direct burial rod clamps, and ground rod driving studs.

Industry Tools | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit

Industry Tools

If there is a tool you need to complete a project, National Conduit Supply has it for you. Wrenches, slitters, electrical tools, crimping tools, even wall box levelers like this one— you need it, we have it. Just let us know.

Top 10 Ancillary Products HDPE Conduit Accessories and Industry Tools | Ancillary HDPE Products | National Conduit Supply HDPE Conduit

The “Top 10”

The Top 10 ancillary products, conduit accessories, and industry tools requested from National Conduit Supply. This page is coming soon— please bookmark this page, check back in shortly, or ask us.

We have ordered HDPE regularly from National Conduit Supply for years, but when we learned that they also deliver thousands of different ancillary products and accessories to complete our jobs— GAME. CHANGER.

— Dexter J.

Who We Serve

National Conduit Supply Products | National Conduit Supplier | National 5G Supplier

Data Networking

National Conduit Supply is the ONLY conduit supplier that offers national, fully flexible delivery and logistics to provide the conduit that protects the vital connections of our modern world.


National Conduit Supply provides the protective telecommunications pathways for the high-tech fiber optic cabling that ensures we all remain connected. 


National Conduit Supply provides HDPE conduit for state Departments of Transportation and utilities, protecting vital connections involved with trenching, boring, and plowing.

CATV Conduit | Cable TV Conduit | National CATV Conduit Supplier

CATV (Cable TV)

National Conduit Supply is a national supplier of highly durable, flexible HDPE conduit, which meets the protective needs of running undergound Cable TV (CATV) coaxial cables.

National Conduit Supply | Electric and Power | Conduit Supplier

Electric & Power

National Conduit Supply provides HDPE conduit, corrugated innerduct, microduct, related accessories, and ancillary products to power suppliers and electric companies.

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