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A 100% female-owned and operated company, National Conduit Supply prides itself on being the ONLY true national conduit supplier, offering consistent, reliable delivery and flexibility to anywhere in the 50 United States. Learn more about us below.


Who We Are

Products. Projects. Logistics. Unmatched Client Service. Our team is comprised of leaders with decades of experience in supply chain consolidation across multiple industries. We have managed products, projects, and programs for some of the largest, most recognized companies in the world. Using this experience, expertise, and connection, National Conduit Supply has established the only truly national distribution network in the industry, providing us the physical reach to be able to supply to you in any area of the country— no matter how remote or off the beaten path.

Why Us?

We are logistics champs. We understand how challenging it is to get top quality, consistent supply, and fair pricing, particularly when dealing with installations and projects on a semi-national or national scale— and keep the entire process well-organized and fine-tuned. With National Conduit Supply, you receive the exact products you need, where and when you need them, and always on-time. Our team oversees the process from the time of order to the delivery, ensuring there are no mistakes, no surprises, and no questions left unanswered. That means no delays and no lost revenue due to supply issues.


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We Make Your Life Easier

How We Serve You

Think of National Conduit Supply as your back office for all projects involving HDPE conduit, specialty conduit, innerduct, microduct, and more. We will have done the work for you, vetting all manufacturers to ensure that precise extrusion standards are adhered to, the highest quality resins are used, and that all materials have been inspected and approved for install. Best of all, you’ll be assigned a dedicated logistics manager that offers an immediate, single point-of-contact. The time and money our clients save in soft costs alone are substantial, and on national projects can relate to millions of dollars saved.

  • NCS can supply anywhere in the U.S.-we’re the only true national supplier
  • Assign a dedicated logistics manager for a single line of communication
  • NCS centralized ordering & billing saves you time, staff power, and money
  • NCS serves as your liaison to your boring and trenching contractors
  • NCS vets all manufacturers and contractors across the nation
  • NCS can lock in pricing nationally, saving you substantial costs
  • NCS offers always consistent, always on-time supply
  • 100% female owned, NCS meets your diversity spend

Orders arrive on time. NCS is the only supplier we work with for roll pipe because it gets delivered in the timeframe quoted. It’s a big deal.

— Brian F.

We Source From American Companies & Manufacturers

All of our pipe/HDPE conduit is made in the USA, which not only supports our home-grown companies and their people, but also benefits you: 

  • Higher product quality and consistency
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Faster response and delivery times
  • Better intellectual property security
  • Guaranteed regulatory/compliance needs met

National Conduit Supply is 100% female-owned and operated

Kathi Leiden, founder of National Conduit Supply

Kathi Leiden, Founder of National Conduit Supply

Along with her exceptional team, Kathi brings decades of experience in consolidating procurement and supply chains to serve national and international companies.

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Learn more about NCS Founder, Kathi Leiden

Meet Kathi Leiden, Founder of National Conduit Supply.

About Kathi:  She has built her career on consolidating supply chains for America’s biggest companies. The previous company founded by Kathi, Zephyr Solutions Inc. serves the biggest retailers in the United States, fulfilling their compressed gas needs, including helium, propane, nitrogen, and co2.

What she is most proud of:  “Beginning my previous company in 2008 on a shoestring budget, attracting a fabulous team of co-workers, growing the company exponentially, and ultimately selling majority ownership to a private equity firm in 2016 who will guide the company to its next stage of growth. It is the quintessential American Dream story.”

Humbled by:  “The fact that America’s largest retailers elected to renew long term contracts with us. It is a testament to the strong relationships we forged and the excellent, attentive, personal service we provide.”

Best compliment: “Someone once called me the ‘Matriarch of the independent supply chain.’ That comment was deeply meaningful to me. I love independently-owned businesses and the hardworking people that keep them going.”

Why she un-retired: “I am wired to work. I love solving puzzles, improving systems, figuring things out. Building improved, connected supply chains that support family-owned businesses and help leading companies execute on big projects is an exciting thing for me. It is not always perfect or easy, but it is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning. Running a successful business takes a lot of energy, creativity, tenacity and luck. Our NCS team has all that and more, and we are ready for the growing demand for conduit in building out the country’s communication infrastructure.”

What is National Conduit Supply’s business model:  “Truthfully, it is the exact same model as my previous company. Conduit is a fragmented market with only one, big national player. There are many distributors and manufacturers of conduit and accessories and our goal is to continue to consolidate and unite them under the NCS umbrella. By doing this, we have reliable coverage for every state. The customer gets the ease of process with one point-of-contact and centralized ordering and billing for their large regional or national projects.

The conduit manufacturers and distributors benefit because NCS can say ‘yes’ to national or large regional projects because of an expansive and diverse supply chain. When NCS gets a multi-year, multi-state contract with the government or with large telecom or electric companies, everybody wins.

It’s our ‘Win-Win-Win’ motto.”

Thoughts on the future:  “Everyone can see the tidal wave of 5G expanding into every corner of the USA. We are excited to be here to help with that national expansion. The fact that we are 100% female-owned and WBE- and WOSB-certified also makes us a great supply partner for companies committed to diversity spending.”

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National Conduit Supply Network Map | The Only National Conduit Supplier & 5G Logistics Partner

National Supply Chain

NCS is the ONLY only true national conduit supplier, able to deliver to any location in the United States. This is accomplished through our extensive national delivery network— unmatched by anyone else in the industry. So, whether you’re working on a regional project or a major national installation, like 5G, National Conduit Supply is your single source for reliable, fast delivery. We’ve already done all the work, which not only saves you cost over the life of your project, but provides the added value of saved time, headaches, missteps, delays, and stress.

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