NCS is your conduit to 5G

5G is here. Your 5G Logistics Partner, National Conduit Supply helps make advanced and evolving national connectivity possible, laying the groundwork for high-speed 5G connections, from the centers of our Smart Cities out to the rural “last miles.”

Our promise: We will make your life easier.

The Race to 5G is on!

5G promises to be the fastest, most secure, and most seamless network the world has ever seen, with lightning fast connectivity that will vastly upgrade the way we communicate. How, you ask? Imagine roads full of self-driving cars, augmented reality, surgeries performed remotely, plus simply lightning fast computing power. The major telecom providers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon began launching 5G connectivity in select, major cities around the nation as far back as 2019. However, the implementation is an enormous and literally nation-wide task, and the build out, which actually began years before the 2019 announcements, continues every minute of every day— and there’s quite a ways to go in the race to achieve truly nationwide 5G connectivity.

Your 5G Logistics Partner

Wireless needs… wires! Ironically, without a nationally wired fiber connection, we could not have a wirelessly connected world. Those wires require flexibility, scalability, and protection. THIS is where National Conduit Supply comes in. We are a national HDPE conduit provider and logistics experts, making us the ideal 5G logistics partner.

Let’s start with what we don’t do. National Conduit Supply does not manufacture.

Now for what we do. We source. We procure. We supply. We manage your national conduit needs and deliveries. We tap our expansive, unmatched, national network of U.S.-based HDPE conduit manufacturers and delivery network (all of our pipe is made in the United States for better quality, reliability, and fast response/lead times) to provide the groundwork for the installer— any time, all the time, anywhere. (Learn more about that, here.) From the the core of the Smart Cities to the rural last mile…

…we make the lives of 5G providers easier.

A lasting 5G infrastructure

The investment required for 5G infrastructure is in the billions of dollars. With that kind of investment, it’s crucial that the highest quality, certified products are chosen for our rapidly expanding tech world. At National Conduit Supply, all of our manufacturers are ASTM 2160 Certified and UL approved. We’ll be your conduit to source, manage, and deliver, only the very best products to house your fiber. Our most commonly requested product is our 4-inch HDPE Conduit for 5G, however we also offer sizes up to 6 inches.

5G for Government

A certified supplier and expert logistics partner

5G + Last Mile  • HDPE Conduit  •  Delivered Nationally

CAGE: 8SD05  |  DUNS: 117591270

100% female-owned and operated, National Conduit Supply, Inc. is THE 5G logistics expert and conduit supplier for government projects at any scale.

The only supplier with delivery to all 50 states, including last mile demands, National Conduit Supply consolidates the procurement and supply chains into a single, seamless experience.

NCS understands the challenges of large, complex 5G installations, particularly projects on a national scale. The National Conduit Supply team oversees the process from the time of order to the delivery, ensuring there are no mistakes, or suprises, meaning no delays or lost revenue.

You want to win the race to 5G

NCS will get you to the finish line.

Enjoy the reduced stress and ease of the process when you partner with National Conduit Supply— we’ll handle all of the complex logistics related to your national 5G infrastructure projects.

Be the star of your company, saving them millions in soft costs by letting our team coordinate your national conduit procurement and 5G project management.

Meet your diversity spend when you partner with National Conduit Supply— we’re 100% female owned!

You can relax, knowing that by partnering with National Conduit Supply as your 5G logistics partner, you’ll not only get consistent pricing across the board on HDPE conduit and conduit accessories, but the peace of mind knowing that our team of pros will fully oversee all procurement, delivery, communications with install contractors, and manufacturer relationships and negotiations on your behalf. 

Win the race to 5G. We have a national, multi-layered network of fully vetted, top-tier manufacturers, allowing us to complete the projects from the very heart of the major cities, all the way out to the rural last miles in the most remote of locations.

And once we help you reach the finish line, we’ll treat you to a celebratory dram of bourbon (or whatever your spirit of choice is)!

Honesty and transparency is what we value. We can confidently schedule our crews knowing when reels are being delivered. Often our crews have product when our competitors are left hanging by their supplier.

— Alex S.

Trust the ONLY National Conduit Supplier & 5G Logistics Partner.

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